well yeah I’m fun

Today I was asked to be in my fourth wedding and the girl who asked me said “I knew you’d be fun”

Damn right.

This girl knows what she’s talking about. Yes, I’ll be in your wedding.

She threw in some other stuff about how she loves me, I’m her favorite co-worker and how I have a great personality, you know the normal stuff that of course I’ve already come to think because lets face it I’ve been single for so long that my thoughts are constantly veering off in a conceited and selfish fashion. Oh you want me in your wedding? Who doesn’t.

So anyways I said yes and I’m actually rather excited about it because apparently the wedding is going to be a traditional Cambodian wedding and the reception is going to be American and in all honesty I’m fairly confused about when I’m wearing what and where but it all sounds like fun and hey I’m single with nothing better to do so lets have two weddings and four receptions and six tea ceremonies ending with a real long boat ride. Given that there will be drinking at each event of course.

Just a side note, though I never went and set up a blog post officially about it, I was recently in Singapore for a wedding so I feel that this Cambodian wedding (which will be in the U.S.,go figure) is just adding more to this pallet of culture I’m accumulating by agreeing to stand next to other people standing, while other people exchange rings. It’s genius really.

I was also told I will be wearing a traditional Cambodian dress for this wedding and I’m intensely curious as to how I’m going to look in it, that is actually the part I think about the most. Well that and how fun I am.


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