about me and the blog

I started this blog at 23 years old when I was suddenly alone in a new city, every facet of my being awakened and then told to chug whatever was in front of me. From what I remember, it was fun times!

Now, at the age of 29, I rarely chug my wine and I even swirl it around sometimes to look fancy, and have moved from the city back to my hometown (aka suburbia).

Though my alcohol of choice and location might have changed there has remained one constant in my life:

I am always single.

No but really, like ALWAYS.

This blog had the intention of collecting my attempts to break that singledom streak but then became mostly a sort of dumping ground for all of my drunk shenanigans, hookups, terrible life choices, workplace crushes, and comical mental breakdowns.

I hope your reading experience is really just you laughing or shaking your head or like both at the same time, hell one giggle is great too. I also love sympathetic nods!

One side note, some of my stories come by way of retelling by friends, corkers, and strangers because I had already blacked out.





2 thoughts on “about me and the blog

  1. youngandtwenty

    I think I could build a whole blog about my dating disasters and drunken confessions, great topics for a blog!


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