about me and the blog

When I began this blog at age 23, I was starting college (a little late) in a new city, where I discovered I had the worst dating luck ever in the world, and no amount of alcohol seemed to fix it.

Little has changed now at 28 except for that instead of school, now there is work, but the constants of drinking too much and being a dating blunder remain the same.

Some things that have changed, is that I slowly came out as bisexual in the past couple of years, and you would think that would help my odds, you’d think!

If you are down for drunken mishaps, awkward texting, cynicism, and career flops then you’ve totally read my blog or probably met me in person already!

I do hope you enjoy, feel embarrassed for me, feel better about the own trajectory of your life, or get a good laugh. What is the use of all this ridiculousness if there is no one to share it with?

2 thoughts on “about me and the blog

  1. youngandtwenty

    I think I could build a whole blog about my dating disasters and drunken confessions, great topics for a blog!


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