Is calling dibs still a thing?

Do you have to say dibs? Can you just point at the guy and your girlfriends then know to not come within ten feet of him unless it’s to tell him how pretty and captivating you are? Should the bar scene just be a free for all where “dibs” and “seeing him first” are just rules from an old prehistoric handbook, probably written on cave walls and not even translated correctly?

I used to know what the protocol was and now I’m not so sure. I called dibs on a guy last month but then he was talking to my friend instead of me. So I told her go for it! The two of you connected and I’m already thinking about my coworkers cute neighbor so please, have at it.

But the other night a different friend and I went out, and we wound up bar hopping with two really cool guys we met, one of whom in the beginning of the night I told my friend “I like that one.”

Somewhat of an unusual night for me because “that one” and I totally hit it off and danced and flirted all night! Back in the car at the end of the night, my friend mentions nothing about the good time that me and “that one” were appearing to have as well as she goes on to talk about both of the guys as if they were both options…for HER.

I might be crazy and jealous and possessive and just a terrible monster of a person but I wanted my friend to get in the car with me and say YEEEAAAAH GUUURRRLLLLL.

That’s it. Two words. Well one word and than a slightly elongated second word. Just give me props man! If this situation were reversed I probably would not have even waited until we got in the car to say Yyyeeeahhhh gurl! That’s whasssup!Damn he fiinnneee, nice work! etc. I probably would have texted it to her it while we were still in the bar, probably standing next to one another. Then I would have screamed all that again once in the car.

At the very least throw me a simple “yeah you go girl!” Jesus.

Is that just me though? Are other single girls not supposed to get excited for other single girls when they score? When my single girl points out a guy in the beginning of the night and leaves with his number and a kiss am I not supposed to give her a high five and say WHOOP WHOOP….? Is it so wrong?

Maybe it’s not so wrong that I like to get excited for my friends but maybe it’s a little wrong to expect that devotion and level of enthusiasm back.

but is calling dibs still a thing?

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