here i am again at david’s bridal

not even two days after I travel halfway across the world to be in a wedding, I find myself sifting through tool and lace in the changing room of a Davids Bridal.

You’d think people could take a week off from getting married but no they gave me two days.

However I enjoy being the helpfulness that is putting these white monstrosities onto my best friend while running to get her train before she trips. I feel immensely kind and involved and I get to see the excited looks of my best friend as well as get to witness the squeal that erupts from her when she finds one that she likes.

However, it’s beginning to dawn on me, and I don’t know why I never realized it before, but I don’t like wedding dresses.

Like sure maybe if I put one on and really stood there for awhile it would look becoming or something but honestly I do not understand the appeal. I do not like strapless dresses which is the only way to buy a wedding gown these days and I do not like covering my legs, they’re my only asset! Why does the lace and the tool and the train of the dress get all the attention and not my legs?

Even the colors…so white! Most of the dresses look like such a starchy bright white I find myself trying to not look directly at them. Can off-white dresses be in now?

I feel the need to mention the whole bodice thing as well. So getting married automatically transports us into the 1800’s when we have to smash our stomachs into corsets and then pictures are taken of our mother and sister tying you into it without mercy. Glamorous.

I don’t understand the wedding dress appeal and I’m not sure I want to.

Can my dress be peach?

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