how red solo cups symbolize youth

As I pick up the remaining forgotten red solo cups in the nooks and crannies of my parents house I’m so clearly reminded of the fact that I’m just way cooler than my married friends.
The married friends who didn’t come to my party.

Petty and trivial perhaps this may make me sound, my married friends did NOT come to my party and I’m rather irritated about it.

My friend M, she had originally told me over a week and a half ago that she had no plans and that she and her husband, P, would try to make it.

Three hours before the awesomeness that is my party began, M and P inform me that they have “previous arrangements” and with a little bit of prying I come to learn that those arrangements are in fact playing board games in their home.

Board games.

I assumed that they had invited several people over to play these board games and these several people would be devastated because they went and bought the latest version of scattegories and the earth will fall off its axis at the near mention of not getting to play their new game and forever our world will be lopsided because board games night was canceled.

Now upon learning M and P had not actually invited anyone over but were playing these very important board games with their roommates, whose role is to provide rent money to pay off M and P’s mortgage, I think I lost my mind temporarily. Luckily we had supplied our house with enough booze to heavily spike the punch bowl for three high school dances so only temporarily was my mind lost before it was all boozed up. A cute boy arrived on the scene soon after, hardly knowing a soul and so my attention became even further diverted from the married couple stabbing me in the back with board game tokens, and focused on flipping my hair seductively.

At four in the morning when I was crawling sleepily (tipsily?) into bed I was not thinking of my married friends and their beloved boardgames, but instead of how awesome it feels sometimes to not be attempting to be a grown up.

No mortgages or board game nights, no married people errands to do early in the morning. Just twenty four years old, talking to the cute boy at the party, and picking up red solo cups the next morning.

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