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beer? chocolate milk?

No no I couldn’t. I don’t! I never do.


When you’ve reached a certain age and there aren’t as many men who share that age you are then almost forced to go down, in age.

I don’t know what other choice there is.

Let me just be clear, I hate younger guys.

Hmmmm that was harsh. Uh I don’t like to date them? Ever? If I can help it. But pretty much never. Dating some young hipster who is all sunshine and rainbows seems like my own personal hell. I have younger brothers and I think that says it all. I feel like when they are thirty years old, ill still be worried about all their seemingly terrible life decisions.

When I picture myself dating, talking to, texting, making out with, or looking with any interest what so ever at a man, I picture him older. Instead of me taking care of him I picture him taking care of me.

You can imagine my current confusion as suddenly I have found myself looking forward to going to work, so I can flirt with my young coworker who plays in a band.

He recently turned 21 and also recently turned up the physical contact we need to have as we go about our tasks. Obviously you have to gently touch my back as you walk behind me, why state that you’re behind me, like with words and stuff. I have to admit to you, I don’t hate it.

He is pretty damn beautiful and maybe I remind him of his older sister, but in a hot way?

I can feel everyone judging me even as I type this, and I know ok? A girl’s gotta have some stimulation though. What am I supposed to think about all day, my hopes and dreams?

There is (shamefully) another youngin that I can’t get out of my head. He is in that group of friends that er uhhh… OK he is one of my brothers friends.

I KNOW. Jesus.

He is adorable,hot, and hopefully 23. Pleeeeaaasseee be 23.

I think him and I have never had a full conversation, or been sober at the same time, and probably don’t know eachothers last names or occupations. Eh, still in.

Right now I’m appreciating this extremely shy stage that I’m in with him. You know the one where he says hi (or slurs hi) when you walk into the room and you say nothing back and pretend like he never spoke? Yeah I hear that tactic has a 2% success rate and yet I use it every weekend.

Haha see! you thought I was only awkward with older guys. Guess again!

Seriously though I feel the shame, I really do. Am I starved for attention so severely that I’m willing to take it in whatever age form, regardless of jail time?

I prefer to brainwash myself into looking at it like I’m trying new things. In comparison to old things…Get it?