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When even your mom is thinking it

not sure why this memory resurfaced, or how I had managed to forget the incident in the first place…

Maybe my mind did one of those protective let me save you from reality techniques where it blocks out the event entirely, but then I suppose it’s not completely full proof based on how I’m remembering right now…

Last week my mom told me I should online date.

Maybe all of your moms have been saying that for awhile now and this post is like umm errr..ok what’s the big deal? The big deal is that my mother has never portrayed marriage or boyfriends as a big deal. She is more of the just do that when you’re ready but take your time because you’re still damn young kind of moms.

Even she must see the path of forever singleness that I’m planted on, which has given her away to worry, which is why she doth speak the name of an online dating account.

What was most disturbing about the dialogue is that when I told her, “I’ll start online dating when I turn 30” Her response: you probably won’t have as much luck when you’re 30, better to start now while you have good pickings.

Now granted those aren’t the exact words because my overly protective mom of a brain won’t relay to me the entirety of the conversation, but I swear to you those words were close and that vibe you get from the conversation, that you’re running out of time to find someone decent online vibe was intensely present.

Just typing this into my computer screen right now is frightening. I think there was a good reason why my short term memory hid this from me.

And could my mother be right? When I make that online dating account at the age of 30, will the other 30 year olds be nauseatingly creepy and awkward while all those 25 year olds on the same site are striking up golden matches and bliss?

Ugh. I just want to meet a guy at a bar and be done with this.