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friend of a friend

At twenty four years old you would think this had occurred to me by now.
It’s not like I don’t know people younger than myself who are doing it and have done it in the past.it’s not crazy….
But some where after agreeing on the phone with my best friend last night, to being set up with a friend of a friend, my mind exploded.
Because I mean what? me? being set up? why would I want to torture myself with awkwardness and desperation all in one evening?
In my mind it seems incredibly illogical and I honestly had never thought of doing it this way, or if I had I assumed it would take place when I was forty and even my nephews and nieces were like “hey uh Auntie you’re getting uh..pretty old..no one is gonna like you soon..” or something to that degree.
The strangest part about this whole phone call, was how readily I was on board for this set up. I even said on the phone that I was “definitely interested” and blind dates were something I didn’t picture myself doing until I was dying my hair blonde to cover the greys.
It’s not that I even remotely feel that there is something wrong with it either. Many friends of mine have gotten set up and I encouraged them to do so and was excited when it went well. A good friend of mine recently married a guy she had been set up with just a couple of years ago. Being set up seemed completely normal but you know, for other people not me.
Obviously despite my seemingly lack of interest in being set up all my twenty four years, something changed last night when I quickly agreed to being set up with a friend of a friend, and then spent most of today thinking about the set up and what it would be like. Would he be cute? would it be like a casual coffee date of a nice dinner? Would I see a picture of him first and even still want to go on the date? Would I like his line of work? Who knows.
Perhaps that even though I’ve done a good job pretending that my efforts in the dating realm are leading somewhere, maybe inside I know they are not. Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world to admit that you need help.
So I guess this is me asking. Hey, set me up.