Does it mean something?

One thing I dislike about being single is my tendency to look for meaning in insignificant things.

Take for example this dream I had the other night that this guy I know, who I find attractive, snuck into my home and hid teddy bears in my room.

How much do you think I thought about this stupid motherfucking dream, god kill me.

You can only guess as to all of the cartwheels my brain did the following day;

does he like me
does he find me attractive also
is he going to sneak into my room
am I going to run into him at a bar
does he have a blue shirt like the one he had in my dream? Because he looks damn good in it
do i like teddy bears……

“Does it mean something?”

When you’re NOT single, dreams like that seem “random” or funny, and you might text your friend to tell her about it or you might forget.

Am I alone here or does anyone else read into situations when they are single and wonder if someone who was not flirting with you, is actually flirting with you…?

This weekend I was at a wedding and I was actually alone a lot, it gets harder the older you get because of the pairing off everyone is doing. So anyways, I was by myself a good deal, drinking a good deal, and dealing out text messages ( I will now be changing my first name to deal just so were all aware) and thinking about my singleness and when the next morning rolls around and I’m at church I spot the guy who was actually my first kiss!

Instantly my mind made a ridiculous connection.

I was alone at a wedding last night and the very next day I see my first kiss guy!

“Does it mean something?”

Ugh. Blah. Ew. WHYYY!!!

Why would it mean something to go to a wedding one night and the next day see someone you kissed when you were 14 years old? I mean I had six different shirts that said “baby gurl” during that period of my life like what was I even thinking then and who the hell cares now? Oh, me apparently.

And it’s not helping either that at the wedding my aunts are trying to terminate the situation of my alone-ness by encouraging me to go out on the dance floor alone. “Prey for men!” they might as well be saying, and no thanks.

One aunt approached me and said “You better go out there, you never know who you could meet on the dance floor.”

Not but two minutes later I’m watching as this good looking guy my age walks onto the dance floor and begins dancing in a group of people, and with my aunts last phrase still dancing upon my ears about meeting someone on the dance floor…..

“Does it mean something?”


No it does not. Five minutes later, his probably not even three year old daughter walks over and they do the daddy daughter dance with the walking on the shoes, and then mom comes over and the three of them practically shriek with joy, in unison, as they swing their daughter and dance around in circles.

I had been actually been anticipating seeing a semi cute guy at this wedding who is a friend of the brides family. When I finally did see him he was walking with his hot blonde date, who had on the best dress there by far, yet I noticed that this guy and this supermodel were not interacting a whole lot….

“Does it mean something?”


As in, will he ditch the girl who looks the most like Kate Moss out of anyone in the room to come hang out with you due to their slight lack in conversation? FUCK NO. Jesus. When will you learn. Regardless if his date is as dumb as the words to the “what does the fox say?” song, that girl is just not getting dumped.

That girl said about as many sentences as I had glasses of wine. So six, she said six sentences. Both of us should have probably gone for more.

In all honesty I feel that looking for meaning in things that really mean nothing, signifies that “we still care” – if I may ever so slyly borrow the quote from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”- and I believe stems more from being hopeful then being crazy.

As I say that, here are some key points to remember, to help reign in the crazy:

does it mean something? – Probably not
are you crazy for thinking that it means something – Probably not
should you indulge heavily in debating if it means something – Probably not

And there you have it. Best not to dwell but we understand why you asked yourself the question “Does it mean something?”

I think ill request that Adam Levine be in my dream tonight, and if he could bring chocolate bars instead of teddy bears that would be sweet and don’t hide them just put them in a huge stack right near my bed, okay thanks.


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