the weekend is over

If I thought last week I couldn’t make one intelligent decision, this weekend brought upon a whole new avenue of ways to be an idiot.

So on Friday I went to a friends goodbye party, and I met a guy.


*Pats herself on back*

Very cute, insistent upon paying for everything, good dancer, just enough shyness to be adorable but not so much that shit stays stagnant. He was even a couple years older which I love. So what could I possibly do to fuck up with such a great guy?

Well I could see the cute guy who works at the gym walk into the bar and then audibly freak out about him in front of this great guy.

I mean nothing says hey I’m starting to like you like practically having a heart attack about some other guy strolling into the building. He will really start to think I’m into him if I say this other guys name several times followed by OH MY GOD HE’S HERE.

Is being fairly drunk any excuse for this? Because this has got to be one of the bitchiest things I’ve ever accidentally done and I’d really love to play the blame game on alcohol.

Even when people aren’t standing next to guys that they have potential with, they still do not go into this state of panic and start mumbling the guys name. I mean that’s just a crazy person.

Why my great guy didn’t just up and leave me there I have no idea.

I tried to blow the whole thing off. My great guy kept asking and finally I admitted. He works at my gym, were not even dating. His reaction was entirely appropriate; that huge reaction you just had was over a guy you just have a crush on?

Well the man has a point.

The rest of the night was me being overly affectionate to make up for it and my great guy acting like nothing happened. It wasn’t until he was leaving the bar, and we said goodbye, and he didn’t try to kiss me, is when I knew. He didn’t want to be hearing from me again.

I can’t blame him because I feel pretty undesirable at the moment.

We were supposed to hang out today but seeing as how he hasn’t texted me back since last night I’d say that our plans have been canceled. The sinking feeling started this morning and has been slowly increasing, that our weekend together is done.

As if that isn’t horrible enough, all day long I wonder if guy who works at the gym heard me. Heard me panic at his arrival and say his name several times, heard me pleading with the guy that I brought and saying how “he isn’t anything I swear,” heard my friends trying to figure out who the hell I was even talking about, heard me silently wanting to shoot my drunk self in the face.

Well gee. Now I have no date with a truly great guy to look forward to and now I have only awkward interactions at the gym to expect.

That will be six gallons of ice cream please.


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