flasks and practically strangers birthday parties

So if you’re going to drink your whole flask at someones birthday party, the best thing to do once finished with said flask is to make out with one of your guy friends, in front of the sister of the guy you recently went on a date with.

I mean if you want to appear classy of course. This is definitely the way for others to think highly of you.

Half of the reasoning behind drinking my whole flask was; 1) Hmm I’ve had this fully loaded flask for over a week now and I should drink it. The other half was 2) Me pouting over the fact that I was at a birthday party instead of the club.

When we got to the club an hour or two later, after my flask, things were certainly sloppy. There was a pole in the middle of the dance floor that I couldn’t tell you what I did on, even if I wanted to. I can only imagine that I tried to dance on it but whether or not that was accomplished or if my friends had to assist me to dance on it I have no idea.

There is a picture of me holding onto it but I can’t tell if my face reads that I’m having a great time or if I’m holding onto it for dear life.

Apparently my friends had wanted to go back to the party, so we left the club, and returned to the birthday extravaganza, where all the real nonsense took place.

I woke up the next morning with pictures on my phone of myself giving others attempted lap dances, as well as blurry memories of kissing one of my close guy friends, who actually is my wing man most nights.

Now I don’t even think that the sister of the guy I went on the date with (who by the way is the guy I met at the wedding that I wanted to give my number to) even saw my make-out session, nor would she have cared probably. I’m not sure I care if she does say anything because as cute as that boy was from the wedding/our date, we have ultimately zero in common and I don’t see us together in the future even a little bit. But…I dunno, he is cute still.

Honestly, I’m way more into the boy that works at the gym, who I’ve had less than five interactions with.

Now if HE saw me make-out with my friend I’d probably flip out and start yelling on the spot: no..NO! It’s not what it looks like! HE MEANS NOTHING TO ME I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU! Or something equally frightening and obsessive sounding.

I probably will try to stay away from downing a flask before going to a club. Clubs and bars are just too enjoyable and I want to remember what I did there and be able to stand upright for the most part and dance without assistance.

Now lame birthday parties I didn’t want to go to in the first place, that’s fair game. But I would really like it if my brain somehow knew to take my next drunken make out session to another room or dark hallway, if possible. The open and fully lit kitchen/dining area is not going to be the best place to keep your make-out a secret.

Unless it’s that boy from the gym. Kitchen, hallway, anywhere. Shit I’d make out with him on the treadmill.


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