bless that cup of coffee and the male barista who hands it to me

How essential are coffee shops when you’re single though.

Like what in Gods name would life be if there were no peppy male barista to smile at you when he is handing you your americano. Can you even imagine?

Personally for me, it’s all about the fantasy of what HE is thinking during that thirty second exchange. He remembered the same drink that I ordered yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, therefore he can’t stop thinking about me.

That smile he gave me is only for me and certainly wont be given to the next customer in line, because it it not at all part of his job description to be friendly to others. Nope, just me.

The coffee industry must have noticed this and capitalized on it in some way. Maybe that’s why they demand cheeryness out of all their baristas, so that women or men with deflated self esteem can walk in and pretend that their barista asks them how their day is because they are secretly in love with them.

And also you cannot blame the coffee industry for taking advantage of this either. We are the ones getting the bargain you see! I pay three bucks for this americano but than as well as the caffeine boost I also receive a four hour fantasy about the amazing kids that Kevin the barista and I are going to spawn that gives me something to live for in the misery of the work day.

If Im lucky enough to return for an afternoon pick me up and my darling Kevin is still magically there I may later remember the way he said “have a nice day” as I sit alone at a bar later on that night.

Ladies and gentlemen the coffee industry is a blessing, let us never forget.

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