ring shopping

There can be nothing quite as terrifying as your best friend calling you up and saying the phrase “ring shopping”

like holy shit what.

Honest to god I felt my throat close up. My words over the phone were certainly of encouragement and excitement, because hey I’m not a total bitch, but they came out in raspy gasps like suddenly my lungs weren’t sure what their job was anymore. After I got off the phone with her I just began talking to myself, I kept repeating “I’m not even fucking doing this.” Later I thought about it. Not doing what? Getting married? Yes we know this.

What’s funny is that she had already told me during her last visit that yes indeed her and her lovely boyfriend were going to start saving up for their lovely wedding after the lovely holidays. Lovely.

So the whole idea of them purchasing an engagement ring should be as of no surprise to me, seeing as how I had the previous knowledge of their mutual wanting to marry one another.

Therefore the reasoning behind my practically having a heart attack at the hearing of “ring shopping” is incredibly illogical and silly. Obviously.

What’s even more obvious was my decision to get drunk hours after getting this news. Oh yes, quite drunk indeed.

The actual trip to the mall where my best friend and I went into five different jewelry stores and looked at twelve different versions of a princess cut was actually not as bad as you’d think. I believe I may have actually enjoyed helping her figure out which style and band was more her taste, with just the right amount of flash. 

I think that perhaps the phone call caused so much horror on my end of the line simply because that was when I realized, I’m practically the only one left now.

Almost everyone in my close group of friends is getting married within the next year or has recently been married and now with the coming engagement of my best friend I’m beginning to feel the walls close in on me a bit.

Suddenly the fact that I haven’t been on a date in almost a year is resonating in my mind. and I feel rushed like there is no time left to find anyone.

I won’t even tell you about the small panic attack I had the following morning when I woke up to a new engagement post on facebook, of a girl the same age as me who used to be in our close group of friends. I’m not even going to tell you about throwing my hands up in the air and pacing my apartment practically screaming at my roommate about dying alone.

However, there is good news! For every engagement ring, whether I see it on facebook or help someone pick it out, there is a drink waiting for me.

Lets just hope they’re strong.

3 thoughts on “ring shopping

  1. Miss X

    “I think that perhaps the phone call caused so much horror on my end of the line simply because that was when I realized, I’m practically the only one left now.”

    You are my lovelife-sister!


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