Oh Alex

In the event of being twenty four years old and one hundred percent single, celebrities can really lend a hand to the non-existent fantasy life you may be encountering.

For example I have decided that Alex Smith, the quarterback for the 49ers, is now my boyfriend. Does he know about our relationship? Of course! In my daily daydreams about the two of us cuddling on the couch, holding hands in the grocery store, and of course the oh so passionate love making, how could he not know that we are in a relationship?

I’m telling you. Celebrity relationships bring a new meaning to life.

Especially when there is no one in the immediate vicinity that you’d even consider as a possibility.  That is when you know it’s bad is when you try to develop attraction for the males that surround your every day life, and they’re so atrocious that you settle for a football player that you only view through a television or computer screen.

Not that being with Alex Smith is settling…baby if you’re reading this, don’t you worry. I love you with all my incredibly bored heart has to offer.

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