it’s raining fine ass men

Every now and then you have a day where every male you see just looks oh so delicious. You can tell yourself it’s all just a coincidence and that all these attractive men just happen to be walking past you on the same day or you can be honest and silently confess to yourself, damn I have not dated in awhile.

Some might avoid a day such as this. All these good looking guys? Too good to be true. I’m opting for the opposite as I readily embrace the ridiculous attraction happening all around me.  Every guy that walks in has potential and it’s exciting.

It’s even men that you aren’t seeing in person.  It’s that guy on your Instagram that liked your photo and you suddenly now find yourself thinking how cute he is when it never occured to you before even though you’ve been following him for a year.  Now you’re full on stalking all of the posts he has ever made and trying to figure out if the girls in his pictures are his sisters or friends, because she just could not be his girlfriend. He’s single right?

Even the thirty something year old in his business suit who is in your store waiting for a client is insanely HOT. Wearing his suit and tie and looking distracted, he is probably thinking about you and that is why he is staring off into space…..yes sometimes on these yummy men parade kinds of days you can become a little lost in the delusion that there is something going on with you and them. For example “he told me have a nice day so he must love me” was definitely a thought that came up.

Enjoying the day that is overrun with hot men is easy but it’s the keeping your cool that is the hard part. Do not write on that boy’s Instagram that his picture would look better if you were in it instead of that dumb bitch who is sitting next to him.  And do not tell that business suit guy “yes. i will go out with you” when he comes back for a coffee refill and is merely making polite chit chat with you. This fantasy is best enjoyed with no action involved, so don’t.

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